CINEMATIC Wedding VIDEO packages

We do more than just document the day. We transport you back there. We want to hear all about your love story, and then share it with the world.

No wedding day is the same. No couple has the same love story. No wedding film should have a formula. That's why we work with each couple to ensure their video is uniquely them in look, feel, tone, and style. Do you want an upbeat video with lots of funny shots of the groom's brother dancing at the reception because he thinks he should be on "Dancing with the Stars?" We can do that. Do you want a slower, more reflective piece, perhaps with treasured photos weaved into a little love-story as an introduction for your video? We can do that too. Whatever you want, let's make it happen. That, in our humble opinion, is what separates us from the bigger companies. We have a passion for telling your story, in the way you want it to be told. No "one-size-fits-all" formula for wedding films here--just a deep appreciation for your love story and an inspiration to help you re-live it through the power of film.

We specialize in a cinematic and photojournalistic approach to wedding videos. Shooters will be unobtrusive during the day's events, capturing candid moments that make your heart swell. With all the planning that goes into a wedding, you will want to invest in hiring a seasoned professional to document your day in a way that you love. Because at the end of the day, it's that same love that makes each wedding so special, and why we love to shoot them.


Aerial Videography Services


  Don't forget to have a little fun!

Don't forget to have a little fun!