I GUESS YOU COULD SAY We're pretty cool people.

Video production is just that... a production. And what fun would it be doing all that work alone? Brindle Creative is a collaborative consortium of some of the most talented young professionals around town, fueled by the creative process and lots of coffee.


Charlie Reiff


Charlie started this whole thing in the summer of 2016 to manage his freelance videography gigs. He still serves as lead videographer + editor on most projects. He loves playing ultimate frisbee, drooling over expensive camera gear, and trying to keep his desk plant alive.

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Kyle Sullivan

Creative Consultant

Kyle is a guru of Communications and Media Studies. He also eats more than most people we know. When he's not getting a quick pump at the gym, you can find him laughing at online memes and/or planning his next trip to the gym.

Jason McQuade


Jason went to Boston University, where he studied Communication, TV/Film, Advertising, and Art History, but he will never forget his Western Mass roots. When he's not shooting/editing, he's probably shredding his acoustic guitar, singing along to his favorite vinyl of Bruce Springsteen.



Official Mascot

Monty is our most loyal team member. A wonderful mix of lab, pit, and chow (and probably a million other breeds), Monty is short in stature, but huge in heart. And head. He has an enormous head.